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Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mat for dogs

Enrich your dog’s life with a snuffle mat! Your dogs will love sniffing out kibble and foraging for treats in this interactive, engaging food puzzle. They are machine washable and dryer safe on low.Choose the size that best fits your available space and your dog’s needs (not the size of your dog). The larger the mat, the longer it takes to find all the kibble or treats. Smaller mats can fit in a purse or backpack or kept in the car.

Make sure to mention Kim Silver by name during checkout to receive a FREE tug toy with your snuffle mat purchase.

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Reactive Dog Training Tabards

These tabards are an excellent way to prevent strangers from approaching your reactive dog while you work on training and desensitization in public environments.

Give Us Space Reactive Dog Tabard from Saint Roch


My Dog Needs Space Reactive Dog Tabard from Ebay


Karen Pryor Products

Karen Pryor offers a wide variety of training products and educational material on animal training. To visit their store, please use the link below.

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