Group Classes for Puppies & Dogs

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  • Are you tired of your dog jumping on guests, pulling on walks, or barking at other dogs?
  • Do you wish your dog would always come when called, and politely greet new dogs and people?
  • Did you just welcome a new puppy into your home and want to make sure they get started on the right path?

Then our group classes are the perfect solution!

At Building Bonds, we offer affordable training classes covering a wide-variety of topics designed to meet the needs of any pet parent. Whether it’s manners, reactivity, or just teaching your dog some new tricks to show off to your friends, we have a class for it!

All of our classes are held at our centrally located Tucson dog training facility, and are kept small in size to ensure you and your dog always receive the individual attention you deserve.

Our force-free, positive training methods will get you the results you are looking for. Best of all, they’ll help you build a lifetime bond with your dog based on trust and respect.

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Group Classes for Puppies

Puppy Preschool

tucson puppy classes

Puppy Preschool is designed to facilitate socialization, address normal puppy behaviors, and prevent the development of behavior problems. We are now happy to announce that Puppy Preschool is absolutely FREE to join! This means you can choose to only attend for the topics that interest you, but we do recommend coming to all four to give your puppy the best foundation possible. Topics include:

  • Exploring Environments & Sounds
  • Novel Objects? No Big Deal!
  • People Aren’t So Scary
  • I Love the Vet & Groomer!

Class Length: Four classroom sessions with open-enrollment. With open enrollment, there is no start or end date. You and your puppy may come to class one week and skip the next. You only come when it is convenient for you.

What to Bring to Class: Please bring the following items with you when you come to class.

  • A mat that your puppy can comfortably lay on during downtime, such as a bath rug or yoga mat.
  • Your dog is required to wear either a harness or flat collar and a 4-6 ft. leash to class. We would like to note that we do not allow choke, prong, electronic collars or retractable leashes in class.
  • Treats!

Add-ons: The Puppy Start Right book can be purchased as an add-on during registration for $20. If you choose to purchase it, we will have your copy ready for you when you come to class.

Requirements: This class is only available to puppies that are 8-12 weeks old at the start of class. Smaller breed puppies may be considered up to 14 weeks of age. If your puppy is 16 weeks or older, please check out Puppy Kindergarten below. Your puppy can start preschool at least 10 days after his/her first vaccine.

In order to attend class, you must provide fecal results and proof of proactive de-worming for your puppy. These can be uploaded during registration or sent in by e-mail prior to class. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Group Classes for Dogs

Manners & Life Skills

tucson dog classes

Our Manners & Life Skills series is designed to teach pet parents skills that make living with their dogs more enjoyable in real life settings. We offer a variety of levels for dogs of all ages and proficiencies.

For Dogs aged 4 to 6 months at the start of class:

  • Puppy Kindergarten

For Dogs aged 6 months and older at the start of class:

  • Beginner Adult
  • Intermediate Adult
  • Advanced Adult

Puppy Kindergarten and Beginner Adult are our entry-level classes that teach all of the basics. In Intermediate Adult and Advanced Adult, your dog will have the opportunity to gain a higher level of proficiency in all of the skills they have learned in the previous classes. Example behaviors your dog will learn include:

  • Car and door manners
  • Leave it
  • Polite leash walking and social interactions
  • Wait for dinner
  • Emergency stop
  • Recall
  • Calm handling
  • Settle on a mat
  • Stay

Manners & Life Skills is a part of the Pet Dog Ambassador accreditation program. After completing each level there is an optional assessment included in the cost of the course that will test pet parents knowledge, skills and ability to manage their canine companion in real life settings. Your dog is awarded a certificate and medallion to wear on his or her collar upon passing the assessment at each level.

Class Length: Seven classroom sessions.

Make sure to check out the videos below to see a sneak peak of what we do in Manners & Life Skills:

Puppy Kindergarten – Core Behaviors

Beginner Adult – Core Behaviors

Intermediate Adult – Core Behaviors

Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog

tucson dog classes

Reactivity is when a dog’s reaction to a person, dog, environmental object, location, sound, smell or event is disproportionate to the situation and context and would not produce a similar reaction from most other dogs. Problematic behavior is often described as barking, lunging, or even cowering, trying to retreat and avoid contact with the stimulus.

In Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog you will learn how to increase your dog’s focus and attention on you, teach your dog new coping skills in the presence of his triggers and learn new leash handling skills to help you better cope in these often-intense situations.

Class Length: Orientation with no dogs in week one followed by five classroom sessions.

Add-ons: Reactivity issues are often more effectively treated with a combination of group classes and private sessions. We offer a separate program that includes the group class with three discounted private sessions for pet parents that would like to pursue this route. Private sessions can be used prior to the course, during the course, or within thirty days after the course has ended. Two of the sessions must take place at our training facility. The last sessions can be at your home or another public location in the Tucson area that is suitable for your dog’s progress.

Requirements: All dogs are screened prior to admission to class. If your dog has fear of people and/or is reactive to people your dog may be more suitable for private training. Contact us for details.

Make sure the check out the video below to see a sneak peek of what we do in Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog.

Shock-Free Snake Safety

shock free snake avoidance for dogs

Snakes and other harmful desert critters can present a serious risk to your pets health. Providing yourself and your dog with skills to avoid these critters is an excellent way to reduce that risk. Shock Free Snake Safety is a six session group class focused on teaching behaviors that will allow you to quickly move your dog away from any potential danger and keep them focused on you in even the most distracting environments using humane and effective training methods. These skills are essential for protecting any pet living in the desert, so don’t hesitate to sign up now!

Class Length: Six classroom sessions.

Rockin’ Loose Leash Walking

tucson loose leash walking class

Loose leash walking and other exercises will be practiced with various distractions to give you more tools when walking your dog in your neighborhood or around town.

Class Length: Three classroom sessions, one hour each in length plus an optional field trip planned at the end of week 3.

Rocket Recall

tucson dog recall class

Calling your dog to come back to you seems simple enough, right? Tired of your dog seemingly forgetting his name and blowing you off to engage in something he finds more interesting? Rocket Recall will teach you why your dog does that and how to fix it. Most importantly it will teach you how to always set your dog up for success and come when called. YES!

Class Length: Four classroom sessions.

Beginner Tricks

tucson dog trick class

Beginner Tricks, taught by Karen Seifert, Certified Tricks Dog Instructor (CTDI) and is guaranteed to take your training skills to the next level. Tricks taught in this course include: paws up, take a bow, spin, shake, pray, roll over, and more! Tricks are not only a great way to show off your well-trained dog to your friends and neighbors, they also provide mental and physical stimulation that can help cure boredom and tire your dog out.

Class Length: Eight classroom sessions.

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Vaccine Requirements

Puppy Preschool requires vaccine and health requirements detailed in the class registration.

All other group classes require dogs to be current on all the following vaccines: rabies, distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, and hepatitis commonly identified on your vet records as DHPP or DAP.

Titer results for distemper and parvo are accepted.