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If you need help with your dog, you have come to the right place. You don't have a bad dog and you are not a bad pet parent. You just need help understanding the adorable furry beast who sleeps in your bed. We've got you.

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Are you having dog troubles?

  • Does your dog seem to forget their name every time you leave home?
  • Does your dog drag you on the other end of the leash?
  • Is your dog a little too helpful while you cook dinner?
  • Is your dog anxious or afraid at the veterinarian's office?
  • Is your dog lunging and barking on walks?
  • Are you at your wits end with puppy problems?

Now imagine...

  • Your dog coming when you call
  • Enjoying a walk with your dog
  • Your dog staying out of the kitchen
  • A successful veterinary visit
  • A peaceful walk
  • Your sanity restored and a resilient, confident puppy

These results are possible. Our Day School, Family Dog Mediation, Group Class or Online Course options can make it happen for you!

Day School

Whether you have a puppy or a dog with behavior challenges, training can feel daunting. In Day School, our experienced trainers and behavior consultants come to your home while you are working or running the kids to school and do the training for you. Why do DIY when you can get an expert? Check out our Puppy, Manners and Life Skills and Reactivity Reimagined Day School programs.

Day School

Puppy Start Right Camp

Our highly skilled, professional trainers are here to make puppy raising easier for you and your family. This 4-week drop-off camp program provides a safe and structured environment where your puppy gets the training, socialization, enrichment and other valuable life skills they need in order to become a confident and well mannered member of your family. We use positive, reward-based training methods making training a FUN experience for your puppy.

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Group Classes

We offer training courses covering a wide-variety of topics for a great value. Using Family Dog Mediation and skill building, we will help you and your dog be a team. Don't miss our Puppy Preschool for puppies between the ages of 10-20 weeks targeting the critical socialization period for puppies.

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Family Dog Mediation® Private Lessons

At Building Bonds, we know that you got a dog because you wanted a companion, a family member, and a meaningful relationship with your dog.​ Relationships are complicated. We get it.

Traditional one-sided “training” of a companion of any species to comply with our wishes will not foster the best outcome for a healthy relationship. Pros are often a valuable & even necessary guide in the process, but they can’t be in the relationship FOR you. We can guide you to make your relationship with your dog work while teaching you the necessary skills for your lifestyle together. Most dog training programs don’t touch on what matters to dog families because they are built on an outdated model of “obedience” rather than insights and interventions based on decades of well-established behavioral science spanning multiple disciplines.  So, even if you walk away with a few new skills, the things that make life difficult often continue to be daily serious challenges.

That’s why we take dog training to the next level. We go beyond the concept of “obedience” entirely to practically address the real sources of problem behaviors & create realistic solutions that make everyone’s life better. The families we serve consistently share what a surprisingly different kind of experience they have with Building Bonds that last a lifetime with Family Dog Mediation®. No judgment. No false promises. No unrealistic expectations. These are just the kinds of game-changing insights & interventions that matter. We’re changing dog training – for dog families just like yours.

If this sounds good, we know you will enjoy this next-level experience with your dog. Let’s take the first step together and begin the journey today.

Online Training for Dogs

With our online training options, you can easily train everyday manners and work with complex behavior issues in the privacy and convenience of your home. We guarantee you will receive the same level of personal instruction as in person lessons. It benefits you and your dog. What's not to love?

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What makes Building Bonds the best choice for Tucson dog training?


You're busy. We get that. That's why we offer training options for even the busiest pet parents.


Our highly experienced dog trainers will have you and your dog learning and meeting your goals in no time.


Our professional dog trainers teach you and your dog skills that will allow you to live harmoniously for a lifetime.

Customized for You

We help you embrace all that is YOUR dog including their learning history, environment, genetics, and unique self (L.E.G.S.).

Specialized Classes

From puppy class to manners and life skills, we have a group class that is sure to meet your needs.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your trainer has extensive education and certifications holding them to high ethical standards.


See what our clients have to say about our training results.

Building Bonds was recommended by a friend and we are grateful! Our pup came from an environment that had not afforded her opportunities to play and she had very limited leash skills. Kim has helped our very shy pup emerge into a confident walker and a playful pooch- eager to engage in games and learning. Kim has been responsive to all our questions and willing to work around the restrictions Covid 19 has imposed. The training is professional/ respectful, helpful and fun!

— Joyce S.

Building Bonds has an exemplary POSITIVE training program. My two young dogs (Wylie 20 months/Buzz 10 months) and I do multiple classes and have learned great skills while having fun! In addition to the lively classroom the instructors provide multi-media materials as reference. Try it with your furry friends-you’ll love it!

— Pam O.

I have worked with Kim and absolutely love her. I refer many people to her and send my clients to her for snake training. She is patient, kind, willing to approach issues from various directions in order to find the perfect solution. She is amazing and knows her stuff. I am a better trainer because of miss Kim

— Rainbow Service Dogs Inc.

I have been to many different trainers with my Australian Cattle Dogs. Building Bonds has been the best by far. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and very patient with my fearful dog. All training is positive and the building is spotless.

— Pam C.

Kim Silver gave us some amazing BAT sessions with our rescue who was quite fearful of everything but mostly men. I highly recommend her gentle approach and experience to training fearful dogs. We are very pleased and have many tools for continued use and training at home.

— Terri B.
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