Puppy Day School

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Please sign up on our waitlist if you are interested in learning more and securing a spot in Puppy Day School. Spaces will be limited.

What is Puppy Day School?

Bring your puppy to our training center twice a week for training, structured activities, and socialization. Field Trips are included! We will offer 4, 6, 8, and 10-week options for day school.

What you and your puppy will learn and do:

  • Socialization is key for young puppies. We’ll introduce your puppy to new dogs, sounds, textures, and people in a safe and positive manner.
  • Skills and behaviors such as leash manners, polite greetings, focusing on you with other dogs around, sit, down, coming when called, and more! 
  • Supervised playtime. Playtime with other dogs is appropriate for your dog depending on your dog’s preferences. Puppy Day School is the best way to improve your dog’s play skills with other dogs.
  • Nap time. Playing, training, and field trips are too much to do all day. Nap time ensures your dog has the best experience possible.
  • Videos and pictures of your puppy training at school.
  • A parent-teacher conference on the last day of school each week.
  • Videos to help you keep the training going at home. 
  • Discount on a Puppy Kindergarten class.

Eligibility for Puppy Day School

  • For puppies 10-24 weeks of age. Must start a 4-week day school by 20 weeks of age for older puppies.
  • Be able to spend time in a crate.
  • Be in the care of a local veterinarian and have had a health exam within 7 days of the first day.
  • Be in your home for at least 7 to 10 days before starting school. 
  • Canine Influenza: Please consult your veterinarian on whether the canine influenza vaccine is right for you and your puppy. Please mention you will be attending puppy school at Building Bonds.
  • Vaccinations: at least one Distemper and one Parvo (the D and P in DHLLP). Read and then talk to your vet about the canine influenza vaccine.
  • Fecal test for giardia at least 7 days before the first day of school. You can order a fecal test kit and get the results sent to your veterinarian within days. Many vets have long wait times for appointments so this may be a good option. You can order your kit here.

Day School is a supplement to, and not a substitute for, an ongoing life skills training program for you and your puppy. We recommend participating in ongoing training classes or in private training lessons with one of our instructors while your puppy attends Puppy Day School. 


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