Shock-Free Snake Safety

Snakes and other harmful desert critters can present a serious risk to your pet’s health. Providing yourself and your dog with skills to avoid these critters is an excellent way to reduce that risk. Shock Free Snake Safety is a two-part, six-session group class focused on teaching behaviors that will allow you to quickly move your dog away from any potential danger and keep them focused on you in even the most distracting environments using humane and effective training methods. These skills are essential for protecting any pet living in the desert, so don’t hesitate to sign up now! Snake Safety consists of two classes, Foundation and Advanced. Both are required to practice your new skills with real Western Diamond Back and Mojave Snakes at the end of the Advanced class.

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Price: $Foundation $180 and Advanced $250

Class Instructor: Kim Silver

Class Length: Foundation 6 classroom sessions and Advanced 6 sessions with a 7th session with live snakes

Requirements: Your dog must be able to work around other dogs.

Make sure to check out the video below to see a sneak peak of what we do in this course!

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