Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog

Reactivity is when a dog’s reaction to a person, dog, environmental object, location, sound, smell or event is disproportionate to the situation and context and would not produce a similar reaction from most other dogs. Problematic behavior is often described as barking, lunging, or even cowering, trying to retreat and avoid contact with the stimulus.

In Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog you will have a combination of private and group lessons. You will learn how to increase your dog’s focus and attention on you, teach your dog new coping skills in the presence of their triggers and you will learn new leash handling skills to help you better in these often-intense situations. This program focuses on other dogs but the skills learned are applicable to other environmental triggers.

The total price to complete a Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog program is $750 which is a $400 savings compared to our private lesson Fretful Fido program.

This program is not intended for dogs with aggression toward other dogs or extreme fear of new situations or dogs. Private lessons are available for these types of situations.

How it Works…

  • First Step: Required 30-minute Zoom session to discuss your dog. The fee for this is $60. This session will help us decide whether a group class or private training option is right for your dog.
  • Next Steps: 1 one-hour private session and 3 thirty-minute private sessions at the Building Bonds training center. The fee for this is $365.
  • Final Steps: 5 group class sessions. The fee for the class is $250 Dates to be determined.

Price: $750

Class Instructor: Kim Silver

Class Length: Ongoing

Requirements: If your dog has fear of people and/or is reactive to people your dog is more suitable for private training.

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