Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog Level One

Reactivity is when a dog’s reaction to a person, dog, environmental object, location, sound, smell or event is disproportionate to the situation and context and would not produce a similar reaction from most other dogs. Problematic behavior is often described as barking, lunging, or even cowering, trying to retreat and avoid contact with the stimulus.

In Rockin’ It With Your Reactive Dog you will learn how to increase your dog’s focus and attention on you, teach your dog new coping skills in the presence of his triggers and learn new leash handling skills to help you better cope in these often-intense situations.

Price: $275

Class Instructor: Kim Silver

Class Length: Orientation with no dogs in week one followed by six classroom sessions in which you bring your dog 3 out of six sessions. The other three sessions you do not bring your dog, you are observing, learning from and supporting the other handler teams.

Requirements: All dogs are screened prior to admission to class. If your dog has fear of people and/or is reactive to people your dog may be more suitable for private training. Please contact us for additional details. We also offer a Level 2 Rockin' It With Your Reactive Dog class. Level One or prior private training is a pre-requisite to taking Level 2. Contact us with questions.

Add-ons: Reactivity issues are often more effectively treated with a combination of group classes and private sessions. We offer an add-on that includes three discounted private sessions for pet parents that would like to pursue this route. Private sessions can be used prior to the course, during the course, or within sixty days after the course has ended. Two of the sessions must take place at our training facility. The last sessions can be at your home or another public location in the Tucson area that is suitable for your dog’s progress.

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