Puppy Kindergarten Pass

How does the Puppy Kindergarten Pass work?

When you purchase a Puppy Kindergarten pass, you may bring your puppy to our open enrollment puppy kindergarten class 6 times. You have 12 weeks to use your passes from the date of purchase. Currently, our Puppy Kindergarten open enrollment classes are Saturdays at 9 AM. Note: We have added an additional class time for the Fall/Winter season, Tuesdays at 7:15pm. This weekday option, day and time are subject to change. You are welcome to bring your puppy twice a week should you want your puppy to have more frequent training and exposure to other puppies. Within 12 weeks of purchasing your puppy passes you may choose the Saturdays and/or Tuesdays you would like to attend.

Do I just drop in or do I have to sign up for the dates I will bring my puppy?

You do have to sign up for the dates you will bring your puppy. After purchasing your puppy pass you will receive an email with a link to schedule which dates you will attend.

What will my puppy learn?

In this course, your puppy will learn foundational life-skills and manners that will set them up for a lifetime of success!

Price: $150.00

Class Instructor: Kim Silver

Class Length: When you purchase a Puppy Kindergarten pass you will receive a redeemable code for six classroom sessions. All sessions must be completed within 12-weeks of purchase.

What to Bring to Class:

  • Your puppy! Your puppy must be wearing a properly fitted body harness (strongly preferred for the health and comfort of your puppy) or properly fitted flat collar
  • Lot’s of tasty treats. Bring a variety and more than you think you need
  • A bowl and water for your puppy
  • A mat for your dog to lay on. Bath mats and yoga mats work well

Requirements: Your puppy must be between 4-6 months old at the start of class and must be able to work around other dogs.

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