Loose Leash Walking & Rocket Recall

These mini-classes are designed to tackle big behaviors in a small amount of time. Because we focus on one skill the entire class, you get results fast!  We have two options for leash walking because there is never just one way to do something well. In our “Loose Leash Walking – Games, Focus, Fun! ” class we will teach you how to work your dog on a 6ft leash with focus games and effective techniques to keep your dog engaged. In “Mastering the Long Leash Sniffy Walk” course, we teach you how to work a 15ft leash (15ft leash is included with the cost of the course) and turn walks from frantic to fun for both you and your dog. In addition to learning fabulous leash skills, your dog will learn a “Rocket Recall” in our mini recall class. Are you ready to set you and your dog up for success?  YES!

Price: $85-150

Class Instructor: Kim Silver

Class Length: 2-3 classroom sessions

Requirements: Dogs must be able to work around other dogs.

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