Learn foundation skills for dog agility. This class uses treats and/or toys and marker training to teach your dog to do agility specific behaviors like wrap a wing, jump correctly, two on/two off for contacts, weaves, tunnels, start line stays, and some handling maneuvers.

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Price: $150

Class Instructor: Alicia Nicholas

Class Length: This class consists of five classroom sessions. Please note, if you purchase our open enrollment pass for Agility Foundation - Level Two, all appointments must be scheduled and completed within 7 weeks from the date of purchase.

Requirements: Dogs need to be 8 months or older. Your dog should have some basic skills like sit, down, stay, come, willing to eat treats and be physically sound. You need to have completed Agility Foundation Level 1 or have the instructors approval to attend Agility Foundation Level 2. Dogs need to be able to be confined in a crate, xpen or something similar.

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