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Building Bonds offers seminars on a wide variety of pet related topics ranging from tricks to husbandry. All seminars are held at our convenientally located Tucson training facility. Make sure to check back frequently to see what new topics we…

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Scent Work

Scent work is an excellent way to exercise your dog’s brain and strengthen your relationship as a team. We will crate indoors in an air-conditioned room and work dogs one at a time in a swamp cooled room with Greatmats…

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Learn foundation skills for dog agility. This class uses treats and/or toys and marker training to teach your dog to do agility specific behaviors like wrap a wing, jump correctly, two on/two off for contacts, weaves, tunnels, start line stays,…

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Learn basic tricks with your dog through shaping, luring, capturing and modeling using treats and marker training. These tricks are fun to show your friends or you can earn a trick title through AKC or Do More With Your Dog.…

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